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When Angora is used in HANRO garments, it is the wool of the Angora Rabbit that is used.
Brazilian Pant
A pant that covers more in back than a thong, but less than a full panty. A Brazilian panty has a full crotch, but the back is cut back in a V-shape.
This style is characterized by a V-shaped waistline at the front, sitting approximately two inches below the navel and on the hips. Back coverage varies based on the style. Typically slim to medium coverage. The waistband doesn’t run in a straight line across the front.
To view HANRO’s full selection of Bikinis, click HERE.
A woman's short nightgown occasionally adorned with lace, ruffles, and bows and with spaghetti straps.
To view HANRO's full selection of Babydolls, click HERE.
Boyleg Panty
Named for the similarity to men’s shorts, the Boyleg panty, with square-cut sides down the hip and full rear coverage, is a good choice for loungewear too. Visible panty lines are almost non-existent. To view HANRO's full selection of women's Boyleg panties, click HERE.
Bra - (Brassiere) Women’s undergarment worn to give support and contour to the breasts.
To view HANRO’s full selection of Bras, click HERE.
Bra Camisole
Camisole top with either built-in cups or shelf bra, providing support. To view HANRO’s full selection of Bra Camisoles, click HERE.
An unlined, soft cup bra that is similar to a short crop top. Bralettes are ideal for sleep or loungewear, for teens or for those with a smaller bust line. To view HANRO's full selection of Bralettes, click HERE.
Cotton or silk undergarment based on shorts worn in the sport of boxing. The boxer has a full rise and is full cut. It loosely covers the body from the waist to approximately mid thigh with a fly front. To view Hanro's full selection of Boxers, click HERE.
Brief - Men
This is the traditional men's under pant. It has a full rise, covering from the waist to the top of the thigh. Briefs have either an overlap fly or a contour pouch. To view HANRO's full selection of Men's Briefs, click HERE.
Bikini - Men
The men's bikini style is cut lower than a low-rise brief. The top sits approximately 4" below the waistline and below the navel. It still provides full rear coverage. The leg is high cut and there is no fly. To view HANRO's full selection of men's Bikinis, click HERE.
Boxer Brief
The boxer brief is a combination of the best of both the brief and the boxer. It fits like a brief, but is cut longer in the leg like a boxer. Boxer briefs sometimes have a front fly just like a traditional boxer. To view HANRO's full selection of Boxer Briefs, click HERE.
A natural fiber coming from the Cashmere goat. The fibers are collected during the Spring molting season when they naturally shed their winter coat. Only the fine, soft undercoat is used to make the cashmere fiber. HANRO fabric features - A highly absorbent material with optimum moisture control. Cashmere insulates against the heat and the cold from the outside. It is ideal for any climate. Highly stretchable, adapts to body movements, wrinkle resistant.
A soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a protective capsule (boll) around the seeds of cotton plants. HANRO only uses hand picked cotton which yields the best quality, and the majority of the cotton we use is grown in the United States. The use of long staple cotton is another feature of HANRO products because it is very fine and has a natural surface sheen. HANRO fabric features - breathable, allergy free, heat resistant, comfortable, highly moisture absorbent.
Meant to be worn under a blouse or a suit, it offers coverage from bust to waist. Also known as a cami, they are made from a variety of fabrics from cotton with lace or embroidery to microfiber. Some styles can be worn as outerwear. Camisoles can be either the spaghetti strap or tank strap type. To view HANRO’s full selection of Camisoles, click here.
Center Gore or Panel
The center, structural piece of fabric connecting the bra cups to the frame of the bra. It should lay flat against the body.
Sleepwear garment resembling a woman’s full slip, hanging straight or A-line and often with adjustable straps. To view HANRO’s full selection of Chemises, click HERE.
Contour Bra
A contour bra, also known as a T-Shirt bra, has cups that hold their shape, even when not being worn. With the underwire and a thin layer of foam, a contour bra offers coverage, control and breast definition, while providing nipple modesty. To view HANRO’s full selection of Contour Bras, click HERE.
Convertible Bra
Bra with removable straps that can be worn in several ways: conventional, strapless, halter, cross back, or one-shoulder. To view HANRO's full selection of Convertible Bras, click HERE.
Crop Top
A crop top is a soft cup bra that is a cross between a camisole and a bra. Great for exercise/activity, and fashionable layering. To view HANRO’s full selection of Crop Tops, click HERE.
Crew-neck T-shirt
High-neck, round neckline with a rib finishing. Can be found in a variety of men's and women's styles.
Double Rib Fabric
Classic knit undergarment material featuring a vertical ridge that allows for greater horizontal stretch for a more fitted look when worn.
A synthetic fiber that has the ability to be stretched repetitively and bounce back to shape. HANRO Fabric features - extremely stretchable and elastic. It is shape retaining and wrinkle resistant, highly durable and stress resistant.
Fine Rib
Has right stitches on both sides of the fabric. Only stretching reveals the alternation between right and left stitches. Fine Rib is extremely stretchable and adapts well to body contours.
Full Brief
A women's panty with full back and side coverage, with a waistband that often goes up or close to the navel. To view HANRO's entire selection of Full Briefs, click HERE.
Giza Cotton
An extra long staple cotton grown along the Nile River in Egypt.
Guipure Embroidery
A lace technique ranging from a structured look, to a delicate filigree. The motif is stitched on a base material. The material is dissolved and only the motif remains.
Garter Belt
A belt worn around the waist with four clips (garters) designed to hold stockings up (not pantyhose) and in place. To view HANRO’s full selection of Garter Belts, click HERE.
Hi Cut Brief
A panty style also known as “French cut”, it is high-cut on the leg and sides, while still offering moderate coverage in back. The high cut accentuates the natural length of the leg. To view HANRO’s full selection of Hi-Cut Briefs, click HERE.
A mid-coverage panty resting lower on the hip than a brief, with a shorter rise placing the waistline low on the hips in the front and back. Some say a hipster is a cross between a bikini and a brief. Hipsters are perfect to wear with low rise pants and jeans, hence the reference of Low-Rise Brief. To view HANRO’s full selection of Hipsters, click HERE.
Jacquard Fabric
A type of fabric intricately woven to create a complex pattern.
Jersey Knit Fabric
A stretchy fabric with beautiful drape, most commonly used for clothing. There are several ways a jersey fabric can be knit to create a fabric ranging from lightweight to heavy. HANRO most commonly uses two types, a single jersey knit which is lightweight and summery, and an interlock jersey knit which is a little heavier and more opaque.
Leavers Lace
Finest French lace for exquisite lingerie.
Lycra “R”
Trade name for elastane. Provides elasticity and a soft feel on the skin.
Lyocell is a regenerated cellulose fiber that is soft, absorbent, resistant to wrinkles and drapes well.
Low-Rise Brief
A Low-Rise Brief, also known as a hipster, is a mid-coverage panty resting lower on the hip than a brief with a shorter rise placing the waistline low on the hips, front and back. Some say a hipster is a cross between a bikini and a brief. Hipsters are perfect to wear with low rise pants and jeans. To view HANRO’s full selection of Low-Rise Briefs, click HERE.
Merino Wool
Wool from the Merino sheep which is regarded today as having some of the finest, and softest wool from any sheep. This sheep is raised primarily in New Zealand and Australia.
Defined by the fineness of their fibers, microfiber can be produced from synthetic or cellulose based fibers. Various surface effects can be obtained from a matte, to a high luster sheen. HANRO Fabric features - Comfortably light and fine to wear. Exceptionally smooth fibers, extremely soft on the skin. It is highly elastic which allows for unrestricted movement. Fast drying and easy to clean. Microfiber has excellent color brilliance.
A cellulose fiber that is smoother and more absorbent than cotton. It is most often mixed with cotton, wool or polyester. HANRO Fabric features -soft to the touch, supple drape, wrinkle resistant, moisture absorbent, and color brilliance.
Molded Bras
Molded bras have cups which are machine molded from a single piece of fabric into an organic shape, free of seams. Usually unlined, they can be either soft cup or underwire.
Band with a narrow bulged edge. Mainly used for accentuating cut outs.
A synthetic fiber which is typically mixed with natural fibers. HANRO Fabric features - Durable, highly resistant to tearing and abrasion. It is fast drying, light and comfortable. Wrinkle resistant and does not shrink when washed.
Fibers produced in an entirely synthetic manner. They are typically spun together with other fibers, such as cotton, viscose or modal.
Raschel Lace
A knitting chain stitch technique where stitches are formed by warp threads. This technique creates looks such as crochet, graphic structures and floral patterns.
A natural fiber mainly derived from the moth caterpillar for use in textiles. HANRO only uses silk from the domesticated silk moth which are raised on silk farms. HANRO Fabric features - Wonderful sheen, light and smooth on the skin, temperature balancing, absorbs moisture extremely well and highly resistant to tearing.
A term used for any type of intimate apparel designed to control and shape the body. Included are bodysuits, leg shapers, tummy shapers, thigh shapers, waist cinchers and all-over shapers.
Soft Cup Bras
A bra that does not have an underwire and typically without padding. Although they are wireless, they still offer support with comfort through construction design features. To view HANRO’s full selection of Soft Cup Bras, click HERE.
Sleeveless Shirt
A crewneck t-shirt without sleeves. Frequently used as outerwear, gym wear and loungewear. It can also be worn as innerwear when you would rather not see a short sleeve through a dress shirt. To view HANRO's full selection of men's sleeveless shirts, click HERE.
Tactel “R”
A polyamide fiber.
Textronic Lace
A form of machine made lace using Jacquard weaving. Different yarns can be used in the process. Like in an embroidery, a motif is outlined using a raised simple thread, thus enabling various, attractive surface designs to take shape.
A cellulose fiber of natural origin, produced using a viscose method. Environmentally sound, skin friendly and durable. HANRO Fabric features - stretchable and stress-resistant, smooth and subtle drape, subtle sheen.
T-Shirt Bra
A T-shirt bra, also known as a contour bra, has cups that hold their shape, even when not being worn. With the underwire and a thin layer of foam, a t-shirt bra offers coverage, control and breast definition, while providing nipple modesty. To view HANRO’s full selection of T-shirt Bras, click HERE.
Tank Top-Men
A sleeveless knit shirt with a deep, U-shaped neckline and deep armholes. Originally an athletic garment, tank tops are now a popular addition to any wardrobe; can be worn as a layer or on its own. To view HANRO's full selection of men's Tank Tops, click HERE
Created to replace silk while replicating the features of cotton. HANRO Fabric features - silky sheen, excellent color brilliance, supple drape, moisture absorbent and tear resistant.
V-Neck T-Shirt
V-shaped, collarless neckline with a rib or tape finish for both men and women. A traditional V-neck comes to approximately 1" below the clavicle. It can be worn under an oxford shirt when the top button is left open.
The textile fiber obtained from sheep and other animals such as goats and rabbits. Wool is the ideal fiber for all seasons. HANRO only uses “Pure New Wool” which refers to wool that is being processed for the first time. The international quality seal also indicates that that the wool has been sustainably harvested exclusively from live sheep. HANRO Fabric features - it feels warm on the skin and is temperature balancing at the same time. Wool can absorb up to 30% moisture of its own weight without feeling damp. The skin remains dry and does not cool off too much. Wool has a natural insulating effect on the skin.
Woven Fabric
A cloth formed by weaving. It only stretches diagonally on the bias directions (between the warp and weft directions), unless the threads are elastic.